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We would like to present our company which is specialized in the utilization of waste as a source of energy. Members of the executive management were the first in the Czech Republic to implement projects using waste dump gas for the combined production of heat and electric power.

The most important projects include the use of waste dump gas at technical and municipal waste sites in Praha-Ďáblice, Dolní Chabry, Modlany, Chvaletice and Mladá Boleslav. The projects represent the largest comprehensive realization of energetic use of waste dump gas in Europe. (Picture)

Environmental contribution

The completed projects produce yearly more than 50 thous. megawatthours of electric power and 120 thous. gigajouls of thermal energy. This means a saving of almost 40 thousand tonnes of brown coal which would otherwise be burned in thermal power stations.

The substitution of fossil fuels with biogas obtained from municipal waste dumps represents, considering the high effectiveness of present-day co-generation plants, an important contribution to the improvement of the atmosphere and the environment during the production of heat and electric power. In addition, the environmental contribution is multiplied by the great reduction of greenhouse gas leakage into the atmosphere.

Company development strategy

The world-wide growth of power consumption and the simultaneous decline in the reserves of fossil fuels, bring about the increased strategic importance of producing energy from renewable and alternative energy sources. A specific way of utilizing such energy sources, and the aim of our company, is the way of producing energy from waste.

The energetic utilization of waste dump gas is one of the main spheres in which our company offers its extensive experience in the preparation and realization of projects and securing their operation. In cooperation with municipalities - owners of municipal waste dumps, we can secure comprehensive realization in the form of turn-key projects (including assistance in securing funds) and long-term operation of systems for the degasification of waste dumps and energetic utilization of waste dump gas.

Another way of utilizing municipal, as well as hospital and dangerous waste for the production of electric and heat energy is in the form of its plasma gasification. Our company, together with the companies ECO CLEAN ENERGY INVEST LLC and MILLENIUM TECHNOLOGIES Inc. is looking for possible applications of this progressive technology of which the bearer is the US company SOLENA GROUP, Inc.

The development strategy of our company is aimed at seeking new locations and partners, in or outside the Czech Republic, where these environmentally beneficial and economically interesting projects of producing energy from waste could jointly be realized.